Hangovers Symptoms and causes

In addition to the serious risk of death, alcohol poisoning can also lead to irreversible brain damage. Other long-term complications of heavy alcohol use include addiction, cancer, cirrhosis, liver disease, vitamin deficiencies, and mental health problems. It also increases the risk of unintentional injuries due to falls, drowning, assault, and

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Alcohol use disorder Diagnosis and treatment

The effort was made to categorize different types of alcoholics, partly to dispel the myth that there is a typical alcoholic. Understand it often takes many conversations like these for your family member to agree to consider treatment. Dealing with a family member’s addiction can be overwhelming and stressful. One

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Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

This evolution is critical in making these programs more accessible and effective for everyone seeking help. These stories, along with countless others, underscore the effectiveness of 12-Step Programs in providing not just a framework for sobriety but a blueprint for a fulfilling life. Participants often speak of the invaluable lessons

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